Inspection & Service

Our Inspection Department is staffed with well-trained service people and inspectors that will inspect, test and maintain your fire sprinkler systems in conformance with State and Municipal requirements.


CT Fire Protection recommends following NFPA25, the National Standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, as the basis to ensure proper performance of system components.


Typical inspection services offered are backflow prevention testing, Standpipe system testing, wet pipe sprinkler testing, fire pump diesel/electric testing, fire hydrants inspection and flushing, domestic backflow testing. And also the installation of fire hydrants, fire pumps and backflow preventers.


We provide service throughout the state of Florida so it is virtually impossible to know every aspect of each building, however, our quarterly inspections and annual tests will provide you with the comfort knowing that your sprinkler system has not been subject to any vandalism, deterioration or in-house maintenance issues.


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